Suggestion letter of local social worker Ujawal Jha for radical changes in education to the chief.

Eliminate nepotism and nepotism within Balwa municipality, bring the teachers who are connected with some politics in the municipality under the scope of action, investigate the certificates of the teachers who have been appointed under contract. Implement these suggestions to bring radical changes in the education of Balwa municipality!!

1) Appoint H.M according to level/grade.

2) Only make permanent, qualified teachers H.M. Then only hope for quality education.

3) Dismiss party/party teachers immediately.

4) Hire only qualified teachers.

5) Follow up regularly.

6) If there are 500 students present in the register, give the lunch amount only to those present between 70/100.

7) Regular monitoring of Diwakhaha is more scam I have seen in some.

8) Add some municipal service facilities to teachers like civil servants.

9) Arrange monthly salary for teachers.

10) Bring up school and teacher appreciation programs.

11) Remove illiteracy from the municipality.

12) Get income with school receipt.

13) According to Article 31 of the Constitution of Nepal, according to the right to education, provision has been made for providing free tuition for secondary education up to class 12. thank you

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